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Winner of Just beat it #7:
shooting-star finished in 02:26.53 (-00.14.67 WR), winning the prize of 25€


Demo file: risk_factory_shooting-star_0226.53

Submitted demos:

First of all, best wishes to everyone, I've been away due to work and all.
With this new year starts a fresh season of KZRA Challenges (maps and tournaments).

Let's get going :

Congratulations to .script for sending a demo on mto_desolate_h and wining a prize of 10 bucks ! With a little more effort, you'll take wr easy man, keep pushing ...

This time, we decided to put up a challenging map to record, risk_factory, so a speed map with lots of shortcuts and combos to be done. We hope you like the style of the map for this month's challenge, it should be a great battle between all our active players

Rules are following:

- You have to follow the official demo rules specified on xtreme-jumps.eu
- Adress your uploaded demos (preferably on an external server like sendspace etc.) to WOOFix via personal message
- Player that wins can't participate in the next Just beat it challenge
- If nobody records the chosen map, prize money will be saved for the next challenge

The prize pool is:

- 10€ for the best achieved time
- extra 15€ for the player that beats current world record

Map chosen for Just beat it #7 is:

WR: 02:41.20 by LEWLY


08.03.2018 23:00

Good luck everyone !
Posted Tuesday 13 March 2018 - 22:37:59  by fr WOOFix
KZRA Just beat it #7 -  surRendi | 08 Feb : 22.06
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Registered: 29 Mar : 13.21

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keep it up boys..
Woofi ❤️

KZRA Just beat it #7 -  MuneEbIzBaCk | 12 Feb : 13.39
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Registered: 22 Oct : 09.38

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will try to record

KZRA Just beat it #7 -  MuneEbIzBaCk | 12 Feb : 13.45
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Registered: 22 Oct : 09.38

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and btw nice map chosen too,its one of the oldest WR at xj

KZRA Just beat it #7 -  WOOFix | 12 Feb : 19.29
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Sure is !

KZRA Just beat it #7 -  fykseN | 13 Feb : 04.05
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gl dude

KZRA Just beat it #7 -  MuneEbIzBaCk | 15 Mar : 20.23
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Registered: 22 Oct : 09.38

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I tried to record but can't get a nice time
Gj SS and fyksen

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