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Hey folks, today a little review on our team since last one was quite a while ago.

Team line-up :


Let's start with the new addition to our team. After years of showing potential and consistency on cosy-climbing and xtreme-jumps, KenLawrence deciced to try again and join his forces with KZRA. We all know what is he capable of, and I can't say anything less than a big welcome to you man !

And I'd also like to introduce a player that is certainly something our team is looking for: a newschool extreme maps prodigy. Please, welcome GoDfreee as well. His remarkable achievments on extreme maps are well known within the community. Not many players achieved a record on maps like qsk_azure, qsk_azure-2, kzua_zp_hamunaptra_x or kzua_zp_godroom_h. The potential grows higher and I'm more than glad that GoDfreee decided to cross his paths with KZRA.

FYI, recruitment is open for business boys !

Activity :

Lately our team has been active again demo wise, with some fresh stuff coming from oldschool boys like Chasquido and even surRendi sending some impressive demos on XJ (demo releases #722, #723 and #724).
It's good to see people coming back to kreedz even if it's temporary.

Our team members even had the luxury of starring in a special 3 demos ROTW on XJ :

In details :
1st demo Featuring: fykseN
Map: uq_suncliff
Realtime: 01:47.14 (-00:01.92)
Previous holder: shNz

2d demo Featuring: Chasquido
Map: kz_xj_rockblock
Realtime: 01:22.33 (-00:01.81)
Previous holder: kayne

3d demo Featuring: surRendi
Map: kz_j2s_darktower
Realtime: 01:05.46 (-00:00.02)
Previous holder: shooting-star

Let's thanks zythH for this ROTW !

Needless to say it's a first on XJ or on any other kreedz community (Cosy, ...). It shows the strength and activity of our team, battling with our old ennemy INSILIO to make the headlines over on Xtreme-Jumps !

You boys deserve a big applause & shoot-out for this accomplishment. Well done, keep them coming

Let's not forget our partners over at Cosy-Climbing !
Some boys from the KZRA Squad are active there, particularly Cupe ! In fact, latest ROTW over on CC shows his run on kzarg_morning :

Congrats to you Cupe and other KZRA players for raping maps over on Cosy as well.

Upcoming stuff :

I'm planning on doing some interviews from time to time from old members of KZRA, should be interesting to get some news from oldschool people (when I can get my hands on them and if they have abit of time to share). So stay tuned guys !

That's all for this time,
Cya around !
Posted Monday 26 February 2018 - 21:31:53  by fr WOOFix
Team review #1 -  MuneEbIzBaCk | 27 Feb : 17.42
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nice keep up the good work guys
hope! one day i will be in your team too

Team review #1 -  surRendi | 01 Mar : 10.35
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Registered: 29 Mar : 13.21

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Welcome KenLawrence!

And we love you WOOFI <3 thx.

Btw, can't wait for those interviews!

Team review #1 -  KenLawrence | 01 Mar : 12.32
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Thanks, surRendi!

Team review #1 -  WOOFix | 02 Mar : 19.03
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Welcome Ken

Team review #1 -  KenLawrence | 02 Mar : 20.37
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Registered: 13 Aug : 21.41

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Thank you, WOOFix

Team review #1 -  swatter | 14 Mar : 09.39
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I love u <3 woof

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