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Hello everyone!

We haven't updated in a while, so I'd like to post about quite a few things that happened in the horizon of the last few months.

1) Our roster:

It is never an easy thing to do, but I've decided to remove the longest inactive players from our active player list. If any of you feel like going back to being active, contact me and I'll move you back. For now I'd like this team to be consistent of active players only, and I want new players to apply and complete the list for the future.

The applications are always open, you can also contact me through PM or steam.

A newest addition to our roster really pleases me, as jaguar decided to join our team as a mapper. I think that you're all faimiliar with his mapping work across communities, and I'd like to mention his recent achievment. His map kzra_blackpearl placed 2nd in the XJ mapping contest and brought 20€ prize to his account. Congratulations!

2) A new map:

I would love to highlight a map from our mapping king Spider1. He reached out to me and wanted to collaborate on a kz-random mapping project together. His execution of many ideas we had through the mapping process escalated in a map named kzra_coast, which is now officialy released on XJ. Sadly, both maps I've mentioned in this newpost are still n/a and waiting for a run from you guys. Hopefully we will see them before the year ends =).

3) The challenge:

Our offline tournament series has been stopped. The reason is obvious, lacking activity. If we refresh our roster and increase the activity of indiviual players, it's possible that we will bring it back. There is also an idea of moving the whole thing to XJ and continue with Just Beat It there.

4) The changes and expansion on xtreme-jumps.eu:

After a long time, the site has a new CEO. It is a right direction for the whole community and it opens up chances. Don't forget to visit and see what is happening there, I know that many of you guys had a problem with the old CEO and his approach. Congratulations to hoLy and huge thanks for his long term effort.

There is already a discussion about HNS section on XJ. My fellow HNS captain swatter will be following this idea and we might revive and recruit a new HNS team in the nearest future. Stay tuned!

A special thanks to WOOFix for helping me <3, to GoDfreee for being such a consistent beast player that is bringing an insane amount of high quality demos, to surRendi, shooting-star, patchouli, Cupe & MEfro for being great this year.

Thanks for still being with us,

Posted Friday 16 November 2018 - 12:36:38  by  fykseN
Inside news #2 -  jaguar | 16 Nov : 13.55
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Inside news #2 -  WOOFix | 16 Nov : 16.03
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KZRA still in da hood YO !

Inside news #2 -  surRendi | 16 Nov : 19.00
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Inside news #2 -  Spider1 | 17 Nov : 00.15
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Good news!
fykseN always around \o/

Inside news #2 -  GoDfreee | 17 Nov : 12.52
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hello guys, thanks for the news. kzra_coast is very hard for me, maybe I will try to show something on it

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