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Hey team!

The time is running forward. It must be more than 10 years since KZ-Random original team was launched. We felt like it's time to move on and see if we can continue this legacy through the upcoming game that CS:GO is.

I was hesistating for some time, I never was really close to this idea. Getting to know people from the CS:GO community, which is obviously younger and more energetic, persuaded me to continue this direction. Having fun and compete in a teams are two things that I seriously value in KZ.

Without further ado, here is the big addition for the future:

GiimPy [twitch] [Kreedz]

Slumpfy [twitch] [Kreedz]

orbit [twitch] [Kreedz]

GameChaos [twitch] [Kreedz / Mapper]

Fafnir (aka xiyangyang) [Kreedz]

Lami [Kreedz / Administration]

The team will surely expand in the future, we are looking for talented Kreedzers. You can apply via application panel on the website.
Let's see if we can bring some competition into the scene =)

Good luck!
fykseN & KZRA team

Posted Saturday 25 May 2019 - 09:55:36  by  fykseN
Introducing our starting CS:GO KZ lineup! -  ChiChiN | 25 May : 10.05
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Welcome friends

Introducing our starting CS:GO KZ lineup! -  surRendi | 25 May : 11.29
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Welcome boys. You are in a big family now ❤️

Introducing our starting CS:GO KZ lineup! -  WOOFix | 25 May : 19.39
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Welcome to everyone & gj fyks for everything !

Introducing our starting CS:GO KZ lineup! -  magic | 11 Jan : 10.02
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Welcome! That is awesome keep kzra moving! Congrats I’ll have to check out cs go jumping when I get a better computer

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