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Hey everyone!

I know you there isn't much going on here, but today I have delightful news for you. For a past year I've been looking for players to join our ranks. It's not always an easy process, people tend to turn away when you don't accept them straight away. Patience is virtue, it's almost as important your dedication. Introducing our brand new gems:

Hinata [Kreedz]

czarson [HL:KZ]

Welcome on board!

Now that I'm finally posting something, it would be appropriate to mention that the website will undergo major changes during the upcoming months, we are going full modern team site! Stay tuned, stay fresh, and we will take this whole thing a new level.

With best regards,
fykseN & KZRA team

Posted Saturday 24 July 2021 - 10:29:50  by  fykseN
Inside news #5: Recruitment -  MEEL | 25 Jul : 12.42
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Welcome! Enjoy your stay

Inside news #5: Recruitment -  ArvInD | 29 Jul : 07.25
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congrats guys

Inside news #5: Recruitment -  WOOFix | 17 Aug : 19.06
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Welcome aboard guys

Gj Fyks

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