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Site and forum rules:
- We don't accept any form of racism.
- You should respect other people. Don't flame and hate.
- Swearing is allowed but only when it's not insulting anyone.
- You may have only one account. If you forgot your password or something use password reminder, write on forum or contact main admins.
- Only English language is allowed on the site.
- Cheating accusations are not tolerated.
- Do not post illegal stuff like warez things, porn, virused sites.
- Do not spam!
- You should stick to topic. Offtopic is tolerated but not when it's staying for too long.
- Don't make doubleposts and also don't create a second thread on a topic that is already discussed in another thread.

Demo rules are same as XJ's. You can check them here © XJ

Also remember that after cs update fps is 100.5 so you should change some cvars to get fps less than 100. It can be fps_override 1 and fps_max 99.5 for example.

However you have to follow this:

Name your .dem like this:
Example demo: 2man_bhop_gloomy_Cypek_0123.45.dem

Pack both demos to .rar and you should name it like this :
Example: 2man_bhop_gloomy_Cypek_and_MepH_0123.45.rar

- Player who preess start button have to press finish button.(it's host player! Only host can do that!)
- There are not allowed other people inside one of the teams than just two recording players.

Demos that have been done before 17.07.2013r. wont be accepted.
Why it's like that? We want to give chances and fun for everyone.

Submit maps rules:

We don't have very strict requirements there but you should know this:

- We accept only 2man maps. 3man and maps for more players are not getting accepted.
- We don't demand good design but your map shouldn't be really bad. You should try to use some good looking textures.
- If your map got same textures everywhere, bad scalling or default half-life textures it won't get accepted.
- Map shouldn't be bugged in any way like buttons, bhops, wallbugs and other bugs which may disturb in finishing map.
- kz_ tag is NOT allowed.
- If you want to use tag of some community like kzsca_ you should be allowed by this community.
- You have to include "2man" in your map name.
- We also don't accept short maps, your map should let players finish the map in more than 1min.

Pack your map to .rar and use submit_maps